Huawei Music

The official music player from Huawei



Huawei Music is an official music player from the smartphone manufacturer that also lets you stream songs using its enormous database. This Spotify alternative lets you enjoy a high-quality music experience.

The interface in Huawei Music is clear and elegant – perfect for browsing through it with ease. This music player recognizes all your sound files in an automatic way, although you can activate this search whenever you want so you can see your latest additions. The app recognizes the metadata for each local file you have, if it has any, as well as the cover for each song or album on your device.

You'll play songs in top quality thanks to the fact that Huawei Music supports all sorts of sound files, including lossless formats. You'll also find this quality in the songs you're streaming, though you can opt for a lower quality if you don't want to use up all your data outside of WiFi zones.

Huawei Music is a fantastic app for playing music, regardless of whether the music is saved on your device. This very useful app also lets you discover new music through its radio channels and playlists categorized by mood.